Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

We understand that if you’re living in a small apartment or in shared accommodation, you may think that it is impossible to create a home office that is separate and distinct to your living space. However, with the right, carefully selected home office furniture and a little creativity, it is possible to create a home office in even the smallest spaces. 

We’ve spoken before about how having a designated work zone can boost your productivity and help your mind create associations between work and living. It is certainly a whole lot better than lying on the couch balancing your laptop in your lap. 

Having a dedicated space designed specifically for homeworking will make it easier for you to get things done, no matter what the distractions of working from home may be.

Here are some home office ideas for small spaces worth considering.

Home Office Ideas: Try a Foldable Desk

A desk that can be easily folded up and put away for storage at the end of your workday is ideal for smaller spaces. Take the Spacestor Kit Mini Foldable Desk for example. Not only is this work from home desk compact when it is upright, it folds away neatly and can be stored pretty much anywhere until you need it again. It also takes seconds to assemble the product and, with its slot carry handle, the desk can be easily transported. Watch the short video below to find out more.

The Fovi Drop Folding Desk is another great folding option that can accommodate two people sitting comfortably. The desk is completely mobile and is easy to move on casters. It can also be conveniently folded away to fit in a cupboard. 

Frovi Drop Table

Home Office Ideas: Invest in Multifunctional Seating

Instead of purchasing a traditional office chair for your work from home space, think about getting yourself a smaller chair that can be used while you work and can then be easily integrated into your living space as a piece of furniture.

Our range of elegant, multifunctional seating is designed for maximum comfort with a minimum use of space. These chairs can effortlessly go from a work from a home office chair to a dining table side chair.

Vitra Eames Plastic Chair

Caption: the iconic Vitra Eames Plastic Chair can be used for work and just about everything else.

Home Office Ideas: Get Creative with Wall Space

Although the space you might be working with may be small, there are several creative hacks that you can use to cordon off your working space. One such idea is to decorate the wall space above your work zone to define your space. You can do this with a cork board the same width as your desk to pin important notes and reminders to. You could also put up a large calendar to help manage your deadlines. 

Another way to make maximum use out of the wall space above your desk by installing shelving. This can help you keep your home office tidy by storing paperwork and office supplies on your shelves. You can even spice up your space by adding artwork and your favourite stylish pieces from around your home. It could also add some vibrancy to the space if you choose brightly coloured storage solutions.

Allermuir Crate

Caption: The Allermuir Crate range incorporates shelfing and a desk for use as a discreet home working area.

Looking for the Best Home Office Furniture for Your Small Space?

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