How the Right Home Office Furniture Can Boost Your Productivity

Working from home comes with so many distractions. You might be trying to home-school your kids. Or, it could be that your home needs a clean or chores need to be done. It could even be that your bed is in close proximity and sneaking in a nap or catching up on a Netflix show is just so enticing.

Whatever it is that is distracting you, you can be sure that it is affecting your ability to be productive, when it comes down to actually getting work done.

We’re not here to tell you that you can boost your productivity by exercising (although, it’s not a bad idea) or getting enough sleep, or only eating whole foods. In fact, we have a totally different take on what makes you more productive while working from home: it’s all about having the right home office furniture.

It Designates Your Work Zone

When working from home, it may be very tempting to spend your entire day sitting on the sofa or worse, lying in bed while you work. Not only is this bad for your body, it’s detrimental to your productivity.

Having home office furniture set up in a designated area of your home – even if it’s right next to your bed – means you have a comfortable space to work that is separate to your living space. In this way, your brain can make associations between your home, your office space and your living space – when you’re in your home office space, you’re in work mode.

The Kit Mini Foldable Desk is ideal for setting up an office space just about anywhere in your home. The desk can be assembled in seconds and can be easily transported with its slot carry handle. The desk is ideal for smaller spaces and it folds away quickly for storage after use. Wherever your Kit desk is, it is your designated home office space (be sure not to face it towards the TV though).

It Reduces Pain and Discomfort

The right home office chair can do wonders if its design is based on ergonomic principles. Comfortable ergonomic office chairs with carefully designed back rests, good cushioning and appropriate adjustment mechanisms can actually promote better health. Ergonomic seating, such as the Humanscale Diffrient World home office chair, provides support for your entire body and reduces back and neck pain.

We spend so much of our lives in a seated position, so it is important that the home office seating we choose promotes wellbeing. Research has found that sitting for long hours is linked to several health concerns, so it is best to invest in a suitable, ergonomic solution.

If you’ve purchased one of the best ergonomic home office chairs out there, you’re going to want to spend time sitting in it. After all, it might be the most comfortable place to sit in your home. And, if you’ve invested in a sit stand desk, such as the Lavoro Mini Desk, you will be able to adjust your desk to whatever height and position suits you.

Because your home office chair helps to delineate your workspace from your living spaces, you’ll immediately be in work mode when you sit down. Reducing the impact on your body while you work, makes it a lot easier to handle stress, your workload and even those constant Slack or Teams messages from your teammates.

You’ll Want to Be Productive

Designer and contemporary home office furniture pieces will make you feel good, which naturally increases productivity.

Let’s say you’ve purchased the ultra stylish Vitra ID Trim home office chair. Not only have you made an investment in a luxury home office chair, it’s elegance will definitely liven up any workspace. Adding colour and style to your home office is likely to make you more interested in working (and less likely to spend your time in front of the fridge wondering what to eat next) as well as promoting your wellbeing.

Home office furniture can make you want to be productive, particularly if you choose bright colours which are proven to lift a person’s mood.

Looking for a Productivity Boost?

If you’re looking for the right home office furniture that not only supports your body but also enhances your productivity, you can shop our range here. If you have any questions, you can fill out the short form on our contact page.