How to organise home office furniture

Working from home can be challenging enough with so much temptation around you. What makes it even more challenging is clutter, so if your home office is a mess, it is most likely affecting your productivity and comfort.

The National Association of Productivity and Organising Professionals (yes, that’s a thing) have found, through research, that people who are organised get more done and deal with less stress. They also found that one of the biggest issues people face while working are important documents (digital or physical) disappearing. In fact, the average person wastes over four hours a month looking for files and/or paperwork – that’s a lot of wasted time.

We have a simple solution for you: keep your home office organised! Okay, we know it’s not always that simple but here are some tips on how to organise your home office furniture that can help you keep your workspace organised.

How to organise your home office: Take Control of Your Clutter

The first and most important step when you are trying to have a more organised home office is to sort through the clutter. A good place to start is with paperwork. It’s easy to let documents and mail pile up. The quickest way to get organised is to tackle the clutter. Shred/toss what you don’t need, file what you do need and store what you need to action in a specific place like a tray on your desk.

How to organise your home office: Choose a Desk With Storage Space

If you are looking to purchase a desk for your home office and you need things to stay tidy, opt for a desk that has built in storage like drawers or shelving. Our Allemuir Crate desk comes with plenty of open drawer storage and boasts a contemporary home office design that can be easily applied to a variety of spaces.

Allermuir Crate

If you’re looking for something more minimalistic for your home office space, check out the Knoll Albini desk, a stylish option with drawers for storage.

Make use of the space above your desk

How to organise your home office: Go Paperless

We understand that there may be paperwork that you simply can’t part with, even if it’s not useful right now. Save space by buying yourself a scanner and go paperless. You could also take your documents to a copy shop to scan them for you. Additionally, there are several apps available for your phone or tablet that can be used for scanning.

Once you’ve scanned everything, be sure to have a back up of all your files on another device or use cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Storing your paperwork digitally saves space and keeps things tidy. It also saves you time as it will be a lot easier to find your documents if they’re scanned and saved digitally.

How to organise your home office: Conquer your Cables

It’s possible that your home office setup requires a lot of cables. Having anything more than a laptop can cause haywire, with loads of cables getting tangled and looking generally messy.

There are a number of cable organisation options out there, but a great solution is to have cable management built into the desk you are using. Take the Fovi Drop folding desk, for example. The desk comes with a cable management console in a central storage unit that discreetly hides cables away.

How to organise your home office: Organise Your Drawers With Containers

If you have drawers in either your desk or any other furniture in your home office, a great idea to keep things organised is to use containers. You can use plastic containers from the kitchen cupboard or order drawer organisers online.

This is a great way to clear your desktop from stationery or any other bits and pieces that may be taking up the prime real estate that is your desktop. It also means that, when you reach into your drawer, you’ll find exactly what you need without having to search through a heap of disorganised mess (and possibly drawing blood on a wayward drawing pin).

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