The Best Ergonomic Seating for Your Home Office

9 hours. 540 minutes. 32,400 seconds. That’s how long the average adult in the UK spends sitting each day, according NHS studies and most of this is spent in an office chair. Whether you’re working from home due to the global pandemic or at the office, it is fair to say that we’re spending a large portion of our lives in a seated position.

The current ergonomic seating trend started not long after working from home became our new reality in the UK, due to COVID-19. People are becoming preoccupied with home office seating solutions that help them to be more comfortable and productive. Ergonomically designed home office chairs also help to prevent health issues caused by siting for extended periods of time – you can read more on this on the Just Stand website.

Ergonomic office seating describes chairs that have been specifically designed to best support the human body. During the design process of these chairs, brands would consider important aspects of wellbeing such as good posture, reducing stress on the spine, lumbar support and critically supporting the weight of a user’s body and comfort.

Our Top 5 Ergonomic Home Office Chairs

When selecting which office furniture we wanted to stock on our website, we paid careful attention to the impact each piece would have on the body. Our aim is to stock office chairs that provide real, physical benefits for our customers as we understand that purchasing a chair for your home office is an investment in your health and wellbeing. See our top 5 ergonomic seating options currently offered on our website.

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Designed by Niels Diffrient, the Humanscale Diffrient World chair is not only easy on the eyes, the design uses the law of physics as well as the user’s body weight to ensure the perfect recline. The innovative tri-panel mesh backrest provides custom back and lumbar support. In addition, its lightweight design eliminates the need for traditional mechanisms, making the chair simple, beautiful, and functional.

Humanscale Diffrient Chair

Humanscale Freedom Chair

The Humanscale Freedom chair is a serious game-changer in the world of ergonomic office seating. Having won over 10 International design awards for its revolutionary features, the Freedom chair promotes premium comfort and support that requires little adjustment on the occupier’s part. Once the chair is set up the way you want it, the pivoting backrest automatically adjusts to the needs of the spine and promotes movement throughout the day. The sculpted cushions mimic the body’s natural contours and actively decrease pressure point loads.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

Orangebox Do Chair

The Orangebox Do chair was designed with the idea in mind that not many people take the time to properly adjust their chairs for it to best suit the way they sit and move. This is why the Do chair comes with a tilt limiter (or back lock) on the recline. This feature means that the Do is able to read your body weight and will adjust the tension of the back of the chair to suit you.

Another great feature of  the Orangebox Do chair is that it was designed with the environment in mind. Its simplistic design means that fewer parts are required and up to 98% of the chair can be recycled, reducing the product’s carbon footprint. So, if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and ergonomic home office chair, the Do chair is the perfect one for you.

Orangebox Do Chair

Vitra ID Trim Chair

Vitra has been producing office chairs for over 40 years and the brand has become synonymous with quality office furnishings. With a recent and ongoing commitment to healthy seating, the stylish Vitra ID Trim chair features integrated lumbar support and offers numerous  customisable options so that you can optimise the chair to fit your needs. The upholstered backrest also provides comfort and support whilst being almost as slim as a mesh backrest.

Vitra ID Trim

Humanscale Liberty Chair

Now this is true innovation! The Humanscale Liberty chair includes revolutionary form-sensing mesh technology to provide ergonomic support and luxurious comfort. This task chair is engineered to provide automatic lumbar support,assisting the user throughout the working day .

Another advanced featured boasted by the Liberty chair is the automatic, weight-sensitive recline. This means that the user does not need to use manual controls to adjust postures throughout the day – this chair does it automatically. The mesh at the back of the chair is tri-panelled and the arm rests are attached to the back to the chair for constant support.

Humanscale Liberty Chair

Interested in purchasing an Ergonomic Chair for your Home Office?

The best part about purchasing an ergonomic task chair from us? You won’t have to wait weeks for these chairs to be imported into the UK from other countries. We have these chairs in stock, meaning that you will only have to wait 5 to 10 working days for your brand-new ergonomic home office chair to arrive. Shop our full seating range here or if you have any questions, you can contact us on